50 Years Later, Vet Pays Tribute to Fallen with Vietnam Veterans Memorial Book



ELMSFORD, N.Y. — Fifty years ago, Ronny Ymbras and nearly half a million other American soldiers were serving in Vietnam. As a paratrooper in the 101st Airborne Division of the U.S. Army, Ymbras was one of 23 wounded in an extreme friendly fire incident that left 13 fellow infantrymen dead. By the time the United States withdrew from Vietnam eight years later, more than 58,000 American soldiers had died in the war.

As Memorial Day 2017 approaches, one of the best books on Vietnam War veterans memorials is now available in a special, hardcover, large-format edition signed by author and Vietnam veteran Ronny Ymbras. With 350 beautiful, full-color photographs documenting more than 50 Vietnam veterans memorial locations nationwide, Fallen Never Forgotten: Vietnam Memorials in the USA includes state-level lists of all those who did not come back alive, along with detailed information about each memorial. Since self-publishing it, the authors of the book have given presentations at the West Point Museum, Barnes and Noble locations, and elsewhere.

“I’ve done my best, and now I just hope that my fallen brothers can forgive me for taking nearly fifty years to honor them,” said Ymbras, who at age 69 still makes paratrooper jumps at military reenactments and other special events. “I’m proud to say that this is their tribute and that they will never be forgotten. There were some obstacles to overcome on the way to the release of our first self-published book, but the work has been truly exciting and rewarding.”

By giving other veterans a chance to visit in spirit the many memorials they might not otherwise be able to see, Fallen Never Forgotten has become one of the most personally meaningful Vietnam War books for many who served their country. For a limited time, a special hardcover edition signed by author Ronny Ymbras is available at the book’s official website with a discount of $10 off the regular price.

“This special Vietnam Veterans Memorial book is my father’s way of honoring those who made the ultimate sacrifice and of supporting the many other vets who are still with us today,” said co-author Matthew Ymbras. “Even for those who cannot be there in person, Fallen Never Forgotten brings these many sacred memorials to life in ways that help heal and raise much-needed awareness.”

About Fallen Never Forgotten: Vietnam Memorials in the USA:
Raising awareness and helping the living heal, Fallen Never Forgotten chronicles more than 50 Vietnam veterans memorials across the United States with professional photographs, background information, and state-level lists of those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

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Questions About Flashlights You Must Know the Answers To


Importance of a Tactical Flashlight.

With advancement in technology, tactical flashlight has gone through many changes. The first flashlights were penlights which advance to headlamps to mini torch and finally the tactical flashlight. If you wanted the best tactical flashlight, lighting would be provided for you. Tactical flashlights have many great uses and are used by different kind of people. These flashlights has diodes which are gadgets that provide light in the form of a beam. Lumens are the units of light that are used to measure light intensity. The kind of torch that will provide the best view is the one that offers a minimum of 80 lumens. Tactical flashlights only provide light for short distances only. Tactical flashlights comes along with many advantages.

Dark places are illuminated by these tactical flashlights. Tactical torches provide light in dark areas, car locks, garages among others. They prevent one from falling into any danger like falling. Tactical torches can be used to cause blindness to dangerous wild animals.

Tactical flashlight are easy to carry anywhere a person goes. There is no special permission that one should seek to carry a flashlight. Tactical flashlight can be carried in bars, airplanes and other areas of interest without anyone questioning you.
The the tactical flashlight can be utilized for job protection to provide lighting. Plumbers, construction workers among another use these tactical flashlights to provide light. They can be mounted on the helmets, firearms, and hard hats by workers for them to provide light.

LED flashlights can be stored in emergency roadside or boating kits. When looking for the best flashlight, you should choose the one with strobe, and SOS features for they provide the best lighting. Flashlights provide illumination by just clicking on the light button.
Batteries are the most important thing that a person should put into consideration before purchasing the torch. Batteries that store charge for long duration of time should be chosen. Lithium-ion batteries are the best world batteries for the tactical flashlight. The batteries that are made of lithium-ion has the highest capability of providing illumination for a long time. They are important especially on devices that incorporate Cree components.

It is documented that tactical flashlight provide illumination to many people for a long duration of time. Sportsmen uses tactical flashlight light for emergency purposes. One should take the time to compare different types of flashlights and brands for this will save your money and select a device that is the best. Every a person should have this type of portable flashlight to provide light. Tactical flashlights are also used for search and in rescue operations. Tactical flashlights are used to provide light in the dark areas for the professionals. Tactical flashlights have all the advantages as outlined above.

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How I Became An Expert on Test


Things to Do to Pass Your Tests

Considering that you have encountered – and have possibly answered – thousands of exam papers that had been given to you, it is easy to think that you have truly understood what it takes in order to pass the examination and accomplish the level of achievement which would be deemed competent and passing for it.

For some who have experienced getting a less-than-satisfactory result in their exam scores, will not feel consoled by the fact that, taking exams does not stop once you leave school for there are those exams utilized for work, to get a higher ranking in the office or if you plan to get promoted, assess your capabilities and obviously, the driving test you are bound to take one way or another if you want to get your license. Although getting poor marks in your exam – whether it is for school or if you are applying for a job – can be avoided as long as you are willing to invest time and effort to ensuring that you are fully prepared for the upcoming tests. All you need is simple common sense and be smart about things – be updated on the date and coverage of the exams, how to get ready for it and what methods to use. Mostly, before examiners will proceed with the questionnaires, the examinees are given some reviewers and coverages so that they can read up and get themselves acquainted with the possible questions that will come up during the assessment.

Anticipating that you will pass the exam can also have negative effects on a person’s psyche as some of them would still continuously worry that they will not do well with the results. While some amount of stress is admittedly good, an excessive amount which can affect the way you think and behave obviously has a negative impact on it – prompting anxiety, fear, an increase in palpitations and more which can inadvertently make the person feel sick all the while. Anticipating a sarah test will make the individual look forward to the examination room, the coverage of the exam, what would be showing on the paper, and many more.

Thinking that you can simply wing it in any exam, just relying on your smarts and common sense is not really a good idea.

Begin by perusing various exam tips and methods that could help you take a gander at the upcoming assessments with utmost confidence, knowing full well that you are going to ace the exams.

It is important that you comprehend and understand the things that would be included in the assessments, so if you are feeling confused and at a loss for something, make it a point to immediately ask your instructor, mentor or boss. Make a point to examine the things needed for your exams and do this well ahead of time as there is nothing more unpleasant than strolling into an exam room and realizing that you do not have the right materialsand tools needed for it. As what you may have experienced before, trying to take an exam unprepared and without the right tools with you is a negative way to start it.

Study: My Understanding of Churches


Qualities of a Good Church Leader

A good church pastor is a person who is very kind and always thinks before he acts and someone who is really selfless, that is the quality people set for a good church pastor. Everything that you think is good is what a good church pastor is but there is something that you forgot to add. A good church pastor is someone who has all the good values and cherishes the existence of the church and also, he is someone that understands everything about Christianity and tries to live like Jesus of Nazareth.

Jesus was portrayed as great person in the bible, he was a kind and compassionate man that a good church pastor would love to follow. That is what a good church pastor will look like. Jesus is the best example that good church leaders will follow, he is the perfect example of a good church pastor. A great representative of the church is the church pastor so if this is what it means to be a representative then all good church pastor should follow such example. If you have similar traits to what Jesus has as mentioned in the bible, then you will be a good representative for the church.

This makes perfect sense right? If Jesus, the church’s representative was a kind and compassionate man, then a good church pastor, the representative of the church today must also be kind and compassionate. This means that if Jesus never went around the place asking for money from people. This means that a good church pastor will not ask money from people as well. And you should follow Jesus and Jesus never asked money from the people around so make sure that you do not do the same so that you will also me recognized as a good church pastor.

And also a good church pastor will have time for anyone in his congregation. If anyone needs counseling that would be the job for the pastor. People will often see a good church pastor as someone who has all the answers, these pastors will really help the needy and if you need their help, they will not hesitate to help. A good church pastor will always have the answer for your problem. But it is not all the time that the pastor will have the answer, but if he does have it, he will gladly help for sure.

Being a good church pastor will mean that you have to understand the teachings of Christianity and you should always follow the footsteps that Jesus has left for you.

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The Best Advice on Sales I’ve found


Factors To Look Into When Shopping For E-Liquids

It can sometimes be hard when you are looking for your very first e-liquid. There are main information that you need to consider when looking for one. The nicotine strength, the chemical content, the viscosity and more are just some of the information that you need to know about your e-liquid. When looking for an e-liquid, there are factors that you should consider and we will be talking about them in this article.

You need to be looking into the flavor of the e-liquid that you will be buying. It is crucial that you will first look into the flavor of the e-liquid that you will be buying. It is by knowing the flavors that you want where you will be able to know what e-liquid to buy. A variety of pastry and fruity flavors is what you can choose from. The exotic flavors that you haven’t tasted in your life can also be experienced by you. Since there are hundreds of different flavors to choose from.

It is the nicotine strength that you will need to look into. The different strengths of nicotine available is already familiar with experienced vapers. The sections that are available can be confusing especially of you are a new vaper. It is crucial that you will be able to understand what the different nicotine strengths offer. You will have a flavor experience when you choose the ones that have low nicotine. For people that have been smoking before or the ones that have been vaping for a long time then it is the medium or high nicotine strengths that they should get. The throat hit that you will experience will also be different with every nicotine strength. The ones that have a lower nicotine has also milder throat hits. You will be getting a more pronounced throat hit when you choose the higher ones. The nicotine strength that you will choose will depend on your preference.

The next factor to look into is the PG/VG base. It is in an e-liquid tat you will be able to see two main component and that is the propylene glycol and the vegetable glycerin. The thinner liquid is the PG. The flavor of the e-liquid is being carried by the PG. The sweeter and thicker liquid is the VG. The vapor is produced by the VG. But one thing with VG is that it also causes your coils to gunk faster.

The device that you have is the last factor that you should consider. The type of e-liquid that you are going to buy will depend on the personality of the device that you have.

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Doing Options The Right Way


Adopting a Successful Management Style

We usually hear coach clients mentioning how much they appreciate helping newer members of their staff. They take pleasure in transferring their knowledge and lifestyle experiences to others who haven’t had the same gain. This comes through once they are currently providing guidance on potential problems on building functions or projects. Within this transmission dynamic, you view a large amount of one-sided speaking and also the additional, head nodding. This type of change keeps the director to stay in a tendency to correct every one of the problems, possess all of the responses, as well as demand though properly planned.

Our concern is what assumptions are being made by doing so? Does the seasoned administrator realize the full thinking process and potential of the younger employee? What kind of product that is dependency could be the worker creating together with the boss? If the dominant speaker within the talk was the worker as opposed to the boss, what would happen? If that’s the case, the dynamic would be dramatically different.

While it boils down to it, none folks genuinely like being informed just what to. There are many forms of supervision/command types that will produce results; the staff to consider full property of their work item is provided by only one.

The interesting and collaborative type of a “Trainer” allows leaders to be a “manager-coach. ” This approach focuses on developing personnel so that you can attain business outcomes in place of handling their every shift. The manager- coach’s attitude would be to generate an environment that builds understanding, independent thinking and chances to lead. The manager-coach doesn’t want to be viewed as a provider. Somewhat, they would like to be observed like a facilitator, providing the way for the staff to attain their effects. Manager-Instructors are a role model for others. They are exceptional listeners and communicators, supplying perspective and encouragement while also setting high standards and expectations.

Hard as it may seem, the management connection could reward in the event the boss placed his/her language to let the staff articulate how to target their view of managing their project on their own. If the manager-coach learns holes in the thinking process that may be negative for the outcome, they set restrictions by asking the employee inquiries that enable them to disclose their developing regions and can instill the standards. For themselves, the personnel may recognize in this way the best way to boost their method, protect excellent effects and control risks.

The essential transfer within the stability of strength enables the administrator to stop building all-the selections. It breeds employee ownership and proposal by regarding people of the manager’s group. The more administrators will get prospects for personnel to contribute to your decision-making process by motivating them to possess their state, generating method, the more they will experience satisfied and linked with the job they’re doing. Most significantly it will be the best learning experience a manager will give them.

Apettite supressants 37.5 mg Diet Pills Prevent Weight problems


Obese and Unhealthy weight sometimes turn out to be life-threatening. Regardless of that one half American population is obese. Even teenagers and children are certainly not saved.
Actually, inclination being over weight and obese will begin in the course of years as a child. These overweight youngsters begin to get more weight throughout their adolescent since they become adults and become unbearably chubby whenever they turn out to be younger. Being obese, when they attain their mid-life, they turn into ailment prone. Great deal of research continues to be carried out about the inclination being overweight for American youngsters.
Uncontrolled meals habit and great dependence on junk food along with soda pop products seen to be one of the leading causes of those ailments.
Physicians are regularly warning us versus becoming chubby. But so what?
Nevertheless, Prescription products are nor sitting down nonproductive. They may be spending vast amounts in search for efficient and eco friendly medicine in opposition to chubby and unhealthy weight with bare minimum unwanted side effects. Because of this, several quite definitely effective Weight Reduction Medications have come out for save in the overweight persons.
Due to the constant advertisements of such Diet Pills, individuals are getting conscious possibly at found there is a fad to become lean with these Slimming Capsules.
How can this be fad for losing weight medications? The opposite weight reduction indicates usually are not that appealing typically to common folks as they consist of both or all of thorough physical exercise, a lot governed diet and making all bad habits like smoking, out of control ingesting etc. But every one understands, that the behavior as soon as followed is tough to depart. Likewise if we are habituated to extra consuming, it is not easy in order to avoid, because the systems within the body has implemented for it and hunger is much more of these overeating individuals.
So what exactly is the way in which out? If some the way you were pleased with lower ingesting, our body excess weight may have decreased as a result of much less consuming! You’ll find wonder dental drugs, that happen to be doing the same and so are known as Hunger Controller.
Apettite supressant 37.5 milligram Weight Loss Supplements from http://womansdepot.com are very much popular Appetite Suppressant Weight Loss Supplements, containing verified alone to be very significantly powerful for your weight loss diet plans.
Adipex is among the popular brand weight-loss medicines of Apettite supressants 37.5 mg group Didrex and Ionamine will also be Apettite supressants 37.5 milligram gang of diet pills.  Bear in mind, all Apettite supressant 37.5 mg Weightloss Pills from http://thenewsolarenergy.com are medications as well as a physician should be consulted before you go for Apettite supressants 37.5 milligram Slimming Capsules. You must avoid unsafe and complicated operate like traveling, operating equipment etc. if you are under remedy for weight loss with any of the Apettite supressant 37.5 milligrams Slimming Capsules.
Also, there are a few unwanted side effects of getting Apettite supressant 37.5 milligram Slimming Capsules like wooziness, blurred perspective and so forth.
I think, in the event the unhealthy weight amount grows to a hazard amount nevertheless the person is suited in alternative way to consider Apettite supressants 37.5 milligram Diet Pills, sometimes it can go as small-phrase use to get some immediate respite from the possibility of chubby and unhealthy weight. The weight loss medicine, if used under advice of your physician, will probably be the best deliverer once the weight problems and over fat are near a danger stage.
Nonetheless, in order to keep on the weight loss program for weight reduction, you should follow a comprehensive weightloss program which will incorporate controlled and balance diet in addition to regular required workout formulated by Apettite supressants 37.5 mg Diet Pills like Adipex or Didrex, Ionamine etc.

The Benefits of Phentermine 37.5 mg Tablet


How does Phentermine aid you reduce weight?  Food craving is stopped by this drug. 
Phentermine Civ-xr is known as the most efficient food suppressant in the US. There are numerous fat reduction capsules  available in the market  that consist of ephedrine, a synthetic component consists of many facet effects, and these products were presented as organic products. Appetite Suppressors blocks out your food cravings. So, let’s answer the question phentermine does it work for weight loss? Naturally, people want to speed up everything and that also includes shedding weight. They don’t really mind things that they’re getting into for as long as they’ll make the most immediate solutions. The question than arises does these fast fixes work? A feature in Oprah analyzed how Phentermine works. And during the interrogation it’s the effectiveness of Phentermine pills  was put on the spotlight. There is quite a wait before weight loss supplements work. There is apparently an assurance of weight loss after a certain time period. Nevertheless, there is still a curiosity about the mechanism of the Phentermine 37.5 mg Diet pills (check out this site). 
This time we’ll give time in assessing the potential risks using Diet Pills that work fast. Ephedrine can lead to unstable heart disease, liver problems, stomach pains and all those associated with cardiologic and hematologic as well as nervous system function that eventually leads to death.
Despite these negative effects that ephedrine is known to have, there still lots of people that says that is an efficient and risk-free weight reduction solution. Well, that isn’t always the case since this may be just a result of the booming Weight loss plan Pills industries. There were even celebrities that patronized the use of this fast-working weightloss pills. This is true according to broadcast by the Meals and Drug Administration.    Based on the 19 medical examinations done, there were similar outcome discovered by the Health Sciences Worldwide. Additionally, studies in Harvard and Columbia proved ephedrine to be efficient diet pill provided that the 90 mg dosage is not exceeded. 
Judgment and resolution? 
With Phentermine being the most effective hunger controller available, there’s no longer a need to work out at the gym at the same time be aware about your diet program. There are lots of ways for a person to reduce weight. 


The Essential Laws of Services Explained


The Benefits Of Residential Roof Repair A roof is a covering that is attached to the top of a building and it is considered as one of the main parts of the house , in any case it needs repair and help from time to time to ensure that the roof is in its extraordinary condition. Roofing repairs are often considered to have a couple of benefits to the home and also the home owner this is due to the fact that it helps in saving money in that regular repair of the roof ensures that the roof is in good condition and hence one does not have to worry about replacing a new roof as compared to a roof that does is not regularly maintained as it will get destroyed within a short period of time. Roof repair also helps in prevention against bad risks this is due to the fact that the main function of the roof is to provide a covering that will shield the members of the home from natural factors such as rainfall and heat from the sun hence it is very important to ensure that the roof that the roof is in good condition so that when there are adverse natural conditions such as a storm then the family is guaranteed protection form the storm and also ensure that the water does not get into the house. Roof repairs also help in promoting good health in the home this is due to the fact that the roof is able to provide a cover to prevent the members of the family from rain which may make the members of the home become sick, hence repairing of the roof ensures that it promotes good health to the individuals in the house.
A Simple Plan For Investigating Roofs
Roof repairs can also act as a good juncture for one to renovate their home in that they can decide to alter the design of their roof and this in turn tends to give the house a new look which enhances its appearance.
A Simple Plan For Researching Roofs
Roof repairs also help in saving energy bills of the home this is due to the fact that when a roof is not well maintained then it will wear out and in turn it will leak and when the roof leaks this tends to make the house feel cold and hence more energy is used in order to keep the temperatures of the house comfortable such as switching on the heaters, hence regular repair of the roof ensures that the members of the house do not have to use too much energy to warm the house hence reducing the energy bills.

Why not learn more about Systems?


Cleaning & Maintenance of Heater Tanks Water heaters are among the household appliances that are more critical we’ve inside our household. Consisting of a gas or electric heating device, based under a tank which heats our water up and merchants it for the daily use. Conserving your water heater isn’t a tedious activity, but alternatively, an essential need for the house needs. In this piece, we are going to examine benefits to maintaining your water heater. Cleaning Pros When is the last time you washed the container of your heater? A lot of people have gone decades without previously eliminating sediment’s heavy sheets that advances around the base of our tanks. This is simply not always an excellent training, authorities say you need to clear your home’s hot water heater at least one time annually to maintain clean water inside your home going. If you’d like to be on top of it, we recommend going far beyond and performing more often washing and removing of sediment out of your tank.
The Beginners Guide To Heaters (Finding The Starting Point)
Lower Your Cost
The Beginners Guide To Heaters (From Step 1)
As well as all the positive gains in the above list, keep maintaining your heater and washing will reduce your energy bill. Not and once the water container is filthy washed, your equipment work to warm your water and uses a lot more energy. This in exchange triggers your power statement to boost because of quantity of power usage. Increase in Amount of Hot Water Once you clean your water heater’s tank, you’ll also experience an increase in hot water. Should you maintain like there’s not enough warm water arriving through your household feeling, then it truly is possibly due to a not enough cleansing. If your water heater does not routinely clean, you’ll eliminate about half of the heated water that your reservoir can offer. The unpleasant material not being washed will require up the area needed to fill, in having heated water which costs you. Health Upsides The polluted nutrients quit inside your hot water heater could cause it when taking baths at home if you observe scratchy and dry skin. You can begin to develop sediments inside your container that’ll direct from the taps, shower heads, creating responses for your body whenever your container is not washed occasionally. It’s better to have your tank washed significantly more than twice annually, the more your water container cleans, the greater quality of water you may obtain for the house. Replacement & Age It is possible to establish lifespan and substitution if desired today should you examine once you ordered your water heater. The typical age covers are between 10-15 years. Which after that, your hot water tank can have some serious problems. In case your heater is about the different aspect of 15 it’s time for you to get it appear at it and substitute or possess a skilled emerge.